Acquisition and Power providing performance overview

As a resume of our projects in site acquisition we would like to present you the detail of the process done by our acquisition department and list of our finished projects in this manner:

Acquisition process:

1.Getting the coordination and specification of the site place from the customer, checking the place and the defined search ring.

2.specifying type of owner.

3.acquiring the site place according to the type of owner.

Checking the site place

After getting the coordination and address of the site from our customer we will send our expert personnel to find the place with GPS and related address and to get the complete local information of the site and the owners information for the real estates in the search ring. Then according to the acquisition problems along with the base knowledge of site designing from our engineering department, three candidates will be suggested to the customer (with a complete report of their condition) to decide the best of them according to the customer’s acquisition policy.

Specifying type of owner

After customer announced its selected candidate out of our suggested candidates, the most important information is the type of owner that the process of acquisition depends on it:


  1. Personal owners:

In this situation there should be a contract between Acquisitive and owner. To perform a good low cost contract, a good studying about the owner and good manner of discuss by well conditioned employees is inevitable. This is done by our personnel in legal part of department that are divided into two parts: contracts and commercial.

The result can be each of the cases below:

  1. Renting the related real estate from the owner with a reasonable and exactly clear contract, with minimum possible charge, that all the legal aspects have been seen in it.
  2. Complete Acquisition of the real estate that rarely happens.


  1. Governmental owners:

Usually in this case the Acquisition will be easily performed because two sides of contract can easily agree on a contract because there is usually good connection between the company headmasters and governmental responsibles.  And in some acquisition projects even the electrical power providing was bounded to the acquisition by the acquisitive so the governmental owner did the power providing too.As the acquisition department, in the organization structure, there are several number of employees in charge that handle the process of acquisition. there is a manager on the top of the department that is under direct supervision of the Directorate of the company.As mentioned before the acquisition part consists of two parts: commercial and legal

  • The legal unit is in charge of estimating commercial view of the contracts with owners and suggesting the best possible cost for renting or buying the real estates. This part includes the commercial and contracts sub branches. This part is equipped with a up-to-date reliable database of all the real states and the costs in every area, that is collected through out reliable and aware, usually governmental, reference points. Using this database the commercial part can estimate the minimum reasonable costs and charges that can be applied.
  • The real state unit performs the contracts and negotiating with owner, either personal or governmental. This part has critical job because the content of contract really depends on the way and manner of negotiating so there are really expert staff in charge of this job. The site place finding is one of this part’s duty too. With the mentioned data base this part will know how to start the negotiation and how far then can go to make a good contract.There is no doubt that these two parts use the result of searching and studying about the place and the owner of the selected place of the site so they are firmly coupled and managed.


Power supply provision process:

After Acquisitioning the site, one of the important works to do is power supply providing for the site. This stage is directly related to local power distributing center and will start with applying a request for the power supply membership from the mentioned office.In this part, installation has to be started because there should be something installed in the place so the power distributing center expert can visit the place and estimate the charge and the amount of work.The next part of project is paying the charge so power distributing center can start the power distribution to the site place that includes power transmission to the place and installing counter and related stuff.This process can either be done by power distribution office or our company depending on the contract with power distributing center. in the case that power distribution office is responsible for it we will pursue the procedure to be done as soon as possible.And if our company is in charge we will use our expert electrician to fix this problem.One problem that can happen during power transmission procedure is the case that there is no capacity for transformers so a new transformer should be installed and extra charge should be paid to power distribution office. We usually try our best not to encounter this problem but sometimes it is unavoidable.Other problem is the long distance to the nearest power transmission tower. This problem can be solved negotiating with related organizations or suggesting the search ring of the site in a suitable place that is related to the customer and is there in not much flexibility in this way because of the technical limitation of site designing but as was told before in this case we will negotiate the related organizations to solve the problem.In the general form we will use existing free equipment as much as possible to reduce the overhead.This part of department in the organization structure consists of two parts: legal and Executive part is in charge of making the contracts with power distributing office and uses legal channels to perform the best and most reasonable contracts with power distributing office.The duty of executive part is doing the executive electrical parts of the process and negotiating with power distributing office to get the permission of power supply equipment installation.In this part we use our best electricians to perform the executive parts and our well conditioned staff for negotiation.Here it should be noted that the site locating part and power providing executive part are under direct supervision of engineering department.