At  present, there are many tools in mobile communications for arranging  information of network and finding discrepancies. Normally, these tools are prepared for only some special activities and work on one system e.g. Nokia system.

On the other hand, the tools and applications that vendors provide can work only with their system and are very expensive and complicated. Modifying or customizing of these tools are often impossible or takes a long time.

Here, we present a simple BSS tool named GOT (General Optimization Tool) which can work with Nokia & Ericsson & Siemens system and will be expanded for Alcatel and Huawei. In this version of the software, we only state capabilities and merits for Nokia & Ericsson & Siemens. Of course, many of these merits are general and the same for any system. This tool is very customizable based on user orders. It can extract many parameters, alarms, parameter discrepancies, KPIs of cells and BSCs and all reports are displayed in Excel format.