Equipment Supply:

Procurement, Planning and implementation of various part of telecom network including RAN 3G & 4G, Microwave , Transmission , Fiber-optics. We do planning, consulting, advising, tendering, purchasing and providing all required equipment for network you need. We can supply the best required equipment you need for your network including hardware and software and related licenses. No difference you need brand new, refurbished or used and second hand telecom equipment. We can also purchase your unused equipment or replace them.

Our supply chain engineers with vast experiences that they have in procurement , and their international partners can find the best solution for you from the international market and provide the best quality and price for your special needs.

  • wireless network engineering , including planning , site survey site acquisition , installation , commissioning , optimization , maintenance and support of BSS and NSS
  • Transmission engineering.
  • Including design and manufacturing of microwave digital radio and planning microwave radio network.
  • Fiber optics networks: Procurement, Planning and implementation.
  • Supply high tech telecom and electronic test equipment in telecom field including engineering services before and after sale. Using the best calibration center in south Asia
  • Roll-Out Management Services for concentrated or distributed projects.
  • Procurement of some telecommunication engineering tools including, test instruments, planning tools, optimization tools, feeder and connectors, etc.
  • Engineering services:
  • Wireless Network Engineering End to End
  • 2G GSM Network
  • 3G UMTS Network
  • LTE, TD LTE, FD LTE Network
  • WiFi Networن
  • Wimax Network
  • Transmission Systems
  • Microwave transmission
  • Fiber Optics transmission
  • Data networks
  • Core network
  • Access networن
  • Value added services

By Wireless networks it means the installation and commissioning activities done in currently available wireless networks:

  • Site planning
  • Site Survey
  • Site Frequency Planning
  • Microwave Planning
  • TSS
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Construction
  • Lease Agreement
  • Civil Work
  • Clean Up
  • Telecom Equipment implementation (TI)
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Managed Services
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization
  • BSS Optimization with multi-vendor (Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson Equipment)
  • Wimax Network
  • Benchmark  and Drive Test
  • Radio Verification Test


In the fields of transmission network engineering TOPCOM has been active for more than 5 years Including:

  • MW radio transmission system
  • Planning
  • Path-loss، Connect
  • Survey
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Fiber Optic systems
  • Network planning
  • Procurement
  • Implementation


Due to the requirement of many installation materials during sites installation, the company increased his procurement skills and sources in the following fields:

Transmission systems:

  • Digital Radio
  • Smart cards: SIM and Voucher cards
  • Test and measurement tools
  • Network optimization tools
  • Transmission systems: Fiber Optics
  • Data networks: Switches, Servers
  • Telecom sites installation materials: Feeder, Jumpers, Connectors ,etc.


  • Human resource provision: because of variety of projects have been performed in Telecom field by Topcom and in each project Topcom has trained some new engineers so there are a database of Human resource that have been trained and has experience in various Telecom field. Also because of some HR providing project for Huawei and Nokia this database is really valuable and we can introduce and recruit any resources that you need in Telecom field from a trained rigger to an experienced LTE optimizer. So you should just send us you needs , we will find the best fitted person with the optimum salary and proper condition.




General network optimization tools

Smart cards SIM and Voucher cards

Test and measurement tools

Transmission System Radio Links