Fields of activities in summary:

  • Procurement, Planning and implementation of various part of data-telecom industry including , NGN , IN , IP networks such as IMS, …
  • GSM network engineering , including planning , site survey site acquisition , installation , commissioning , optimization , maintenance and support of BSS and NSS
  • Transmission engineering.
  •    Including design and manufacturing of microwave digital radio and planning microwave radio network.
  •    Fiber optics networks: Procurement, Planning and implementation.
  • Manufacturing of telecommunication equipment
  • Supply all the required equipments and material for mobile and wireless networks.
  • Supply high tech telecom and electronic test equipments in telecom field including engineering services before and after sale. Using the best calibration center in south Asia
  • Roll-Out Management Services for concentrated or distributed projects.
  • Procurement of some telecommunication engineering tools including, test instruments, planning tools, optimization tools, feeder and connectors, etc.
  • Tetra network and radios developing: including handsets, BTS planning and installation

The detailed classification of the fields of activities is as follows:

  • Wireless Network Engineering End to End
  •   2G GSM Network
  • 3G UMTS Network
  • LTE, TD LTE, FD LTE Network
  • WiFi Network
  • Wimax Network
  • Transmission Systems
  • Microwave transmission
  • Fiber Optics transmission
  • Data networks
  • Core network
  • Access network
  • Value added services

By Wireless networks it means the installation and commissioning activities done in currently available wireless networks:

  • Site planning
  • Site Survey
  • Site Frequency Planning
  • Microwave Planning
  • TSS
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Construction
  • Lease Agreement
  • Civil Work
  • Clean Up
  • Telecom Equipment implementation (TI)
  • Installation
  • Commission
  • Managed Services
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization
  • BSS Optimization with multi-vendor (Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson Equipment)
  • GPRS & EDG
  • Wimax Netwok
  • Benchmark  and Drive Test
  • Radio Verification Test


In the fields of transmission network engineering TOPCOM has been active for more than 5 years Including:

  • MW radio transmission system
  • Planning
  • Path-loss، Connect
  • Survey
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Fiber Optic systems
  • Network planning
  • Procurement
  • Implementation


Due to the requirement of many installation materials during sites installation, the company increased his procurement skills and sources in the following fields:

Transmission systems:

  • Digital Radio
  • Smart cards: SIM and Voucher cards
  • Test and measurement tools
  • Network optimization tools
  • Transmission systems: Fiber Optics
  • Data networks: Switches, Servers
  • Telecom sites installation materials: Feeder, Jumpers, Connectors ,etc.